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ESSENCE is a perfumery , a place where the scent and how it is linked and becomes the protagonist stands in the foreground to enthrall you with its history , its particularity , its curiosity, which can make buying a ' interesting and rewarding experience , where people are encouraged to exercise their senses and deepen their knowledge, or relax surrounded by pleasant and well-being. The family Proserpio opened this shop in 2004 , because it was a warm and inviting place in which to present products that stand out for the brand's history or characteristics of the fragrance, and offer them to customers curious and passionate, because it can get to know and enjoy them. HISTORY OF THE ESSENCE If today there is probably thanks to Emilio Proserpio and his decision, made nearly a century ago , a veteran of the first World War, to resume his life learning the trade of barber, and then opening a salon in Varese in 1922 . That shop was already in its own way a perfume , because they were selling colognes, lotions and ointments . After World War II , his son Robert and his wife Mary became the barber shop in a popular , offering the then most prestigious brands of cosmetics and perfumes . In 1973 his nephew Sergio and his wife Marilena inaugurated the PROSERPIO PERFUME , Corso Matteotti , 32. The great-granddaughter Roberta began to flank permanently around 2000. TODAY dawn of the new millennium there has been a passionate interest in a particular way of conceiving and living perfumery . Some speak of " niche fragrances " or " copyright " , others prefer the term " artistic perfumery ." Each definition , however, reflects some features of this world. It is a limited number of brands and companies that maintain the focus of their attention to the scent , not as a complement or fashion accessory , but as the protagonist and the heart of their production , without chasing the latest fashions in the market but creating the new trends perfumery , without flattening of standardized and neutral taste , but leaving free the best creators in the world of fragrances second to compose your own research and professional growth , with the best raw materials , without aiming at the result to establish itself among the best-sellers market but to meet the taste of the people who will recognize a fragrance that evokes something even a part of their experience , or help to express a side of their personality. The PERFUME PROSERPIO has begun to suggest some brands related to this concept , Italian and international , around 2002-3 . The first experiments in this direction Proserpio encourage the family to a new professional adventure : a different store an intimate atmosphere where you can cultivate this growing passion. In November 2004 after the ESSENCE , the first space dedicated to fragrances copyright in the heart of Varese. On 14 February 2008, the ESSENCE moved next to the Basilica of St. Victor , in lane 4 Schools , a corner of the old town restored to its former splendor, with a nice old courtyard inside.


Roberta Proserpio
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